List of Unclaimed Deposits

List of Unclaimed Deposits

Procedure for claiming Unclaimed Deposits

Dear Customer

All deposit account, which remain unclaimed/inoperative for 10 years or more is transferred to the bank’s Head Office on the last working day of every month. In order to facilitate follow up, the list of unclaimed deposits has been made available in our web site. If your name and identity matches with the data available in the search results, kindly approach the concerned branch for revival of the account or for refund of the deposit with necessary documents in original along with a photocopy.

  • The deposit receipts/SB or CD Pass Book/account number if available
  • Two recent passport size photograph/s of the holders
  • Documents that prove your identity. Indicative documents are listed below: Passport/PAN Card/Voters’ ID/Driving Licence/Aadhaar/NPR Card/Identity card(subject to bank’s satisfaction)
  • Documents that prove your old address given in the account and present residential address. Indicative documents are listed below:

Telephone bill/Bank account statement/Electricity/Water/Gas charges bill/Ration Card/Aadhaar /NPR Card/Letter from employer(subject to satisfaction of the bank).

Unclaimed Deposits July, 2018

Unclaimed CASA July, 2018

Unclaimed Deposits June, 2018

Unclaimed CASA June, 2018

Unclaimed Deposits May, 2018

Unclaimed CASA May, 2018

Unclaimed Deposits April, 2018

Unclaimed CASA April, 2018

Unclaimed Deposits March 2018

Unclaimed CASA March 2018

Unclaimed Deposit February 2018

Unclaimed CASA February 2018

Unclaimed Deposit January 2018

Unclaimed CASA January 2018

Unclaimed Deposit December 2017

Unclaimed CASA December 2017

Unclaimed Deposit November 2017

Unclaimed CASA November 2017

Unclaimed Deposit October 2017

Unclaimed CASA October 2017

Unclaimed Deposit September 2017

Unclaimed CASA September 2017

Unclaimed CASA August 2017

Unclaimed CASA July 2017

Unclaimed Deposit July 2017

Unclaimed CASA June 2017

Unclaimed Deposits June 2017

Unclaimed CASA May 2017

Unclaimed Deposit May 2017

CASA Unclaimed April 2017

Deposit Unclaimed April 2017

Unclaimed Deposits March 2017

Unclaimed CASA March 2017

Unclaimed Deposits February 2017

Unclaimed CASA January 2017

Unclaimed Deposits January 2017

Unclaimed CASA December 2016

Unclaimed CASA November 2016

Unclaimed CASA October 2016

Unclaimed Deposits October 2016

Unclaimed CASA September 2016

Unclaimed Deposits September 2016

Unclaimed Deposits August 2016

Unclaimed Deposits July 2016

Unclaimed Deposits June 2016

Unclaimed Deposits May 2016

Unclaimed Deposits April 2016

Unclaimed Deposits May 2016

Unclaimed Deposits January 2016

Unclaimed Deposits December 2015

Unclaimed Deposits November 2015

Unclaimed Deposits October 2015

Unclaimed Deposits September 2015

Unclaimed Deposits August2015

Unclaimed Deposits July 2015

Unclaimed Deposits April to June 2015

Unclaimed Deposits As On 31.03.2015

Unclaimed Deposits As On 31.03.2014

Format for claiming unclaimed deposits