Complaints Redressal

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The bank has adopted suitable policies for speedy and effective redressal of customer grievances. The first level in case of a grievance is the Branch which has first-hand knowledge about the customer and the details of the complaint. The customer may lodge a written complaint at the branch which will be duly acknowledged along with a copy of the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved within a reasonable period or if the nature of resolution does not meet the standards expected by the customer, the grievance may be stepped up to higher levels as shown below:

Level II: Zonal Nodal Officers

The unresolved grievance may be taken up with the Zonal Nodal Officers who are entrusted with the duty of redressal of grievances which have not been resolved at the branch level. (For contact details of the Nodal Officers please click here)

Level III. Banks’ Principal Nodal Officer

In case the grievances have not been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer by the two levels as above, the matter may be taken up with the Principal Nodal Officer of the Bank:

Sri. Deepak George T
Asst. Gen. Manager (Branch Service)
The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd
Head Office, St. Mary’s College Road
Thrissur 680 020

The Zonal Nodal Officer or the Principal Nodal Officer, as the case may be, will acknowledge the grievance within five days of receipt and start proceedings to resolve the grievance within a maximum period of three weeks. The customer will be suitably apprised about the progress of the actions and the reasons for the delay in the process of resolution.

Level IV Banking Ombudsman

If the customer feels disappointed with the solutions provided by the various levels within the bank, or if he does not get a satisfactory reply within a period of one month, he may approach the Banking Ombudsman located in the respective state capital. The details of the Banking Ombudsman are available here

Grievances related to ATM cum Debit Card operations

For instant help in ATM cum Debit Card operations, customer may contact Toll free Number 1800 266 9090 or submit the respective complaint form click here duly filled up, to the branch or mail the same to

 Analysis of Complaints

Disclosure of Complaints - 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017