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Enjoy the comfort of branch banking with our 420 plus branch network. You also get access to our best in class mobile and desktop applications to give you 24x7 access to your account.

Choose from our range of current accounts to select the one that's right for you...

Classic Current Account

  • For traders, businessmen, corporate bodies, etc. who operate their accounts frequently
  • Minimum amount for opening an account is Rs.5,000/- in Metro branches, Rs 3,000/- in Urban branches, Rs 2,000/- in Semi-urban branches and Rs 1,000/- in Rural branches...

Smart Current Account

A zero balance Current Account for traders, businessmen, corporate bodies, etc.

Rest easy when you deposit your hard earned savings with us. We offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options as well as very competitive rates of interest. 

Choose from our range of deposit solutions to select the one that's right for you.

General Fixed deposit (Income Scheme)

  • Minimum amount for opening account is Rs.100/-. Accounts may also be opened in odd sums.
  • Deposits are accepted for periods of 7 days and above and even for a period where terminal quarter or month is incomplete.
  • Interest is paid quarterly at the full value of interest. The same is paid monthly at the discounted value of interest...
  • You can also open your FD online. Click here to know more

Cumulative Deposits

  • Recurring deposit scheme which enables the depositor to build up a sizeable capital in a regular systematic way
  • The account can be opened with a minimum monthly remittance of Rs.100 /- or multiples thereof. The remittances may also be in odd sums
  • Account can be opened for a minimum period of 6 months and in multiples of 3 months...

Acharya Deposits

Senior citizens we salute you. Invest in our Acharya Deposit Scheme. Avail additional interest for your deposits...

Family Welfare

  • Reinvestment deposit scheme. Interest accrues both on the principal and the interest thereon.
  • Minimum amount for opening the account is Rs.100/- Accounts may also be opened in odd sums.
  • Deposits are accepted for a minimum period of six months for periods in multiples of three months or in incomplete quarters...

List of Unclaimed Deposits

Procedure for claiming Unclaimed Deposits

Dear Customer

All deposit account, which remain unclaimed/inoperative for 10 years or more is transferred to the bank’s Head Office on the last working day of every month. In order to facilitate follow up, the list of unclaimed deposits has been made available in our web site. If your name and identity matches with the data available in the search results, kindly approach the concerned branch for revival of the account or for refund of the deposit with necessary documents in original along with a photocopy...

CSB Tax Savings Support

As per Finance Act 2006, deposits made with banks, in terms of Central Government notification (No.203/2006 dated 28.07.2006) are eligible for deduction under Section 80 C for income tax purpose. The scheme has been short titled as ‘Bank Term Deposit Scheme 2006'. Accordingly, we have renamed the deposit scheme as "CSB Tax Savings Support"...